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INTERX DEVELOPERS is the leading Real Estate Developer in Bangladesh. We provide you with the best quality with high standards of Homeownership. We prioritize the quality of our work. We are also committed to making homeownership a sober and excellent customer experience. Our customer is our primary value.

How do we work

How do we work?

InterX developers constantly search for the most effective methods and strategies.

  • Over the years, we've developed specialized skill sets and patented tools to help us support our clients in winning their conflicts.
  • We plan to give you the exact recipe for our quality work so that you can challenge your battle.
  • We effectively provide for the modern lifestyle of city dwellers in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • We provide land and apartments with first-rate features and exquisite architecture.
  • Our dedication to providing our customers with immaculate flats has earned us their trust over the past ten years.

We design our structure and discuss it with our customers. Our functional structure gives you 100% satisfaction.

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Our Work


We constantly appreciate the force of the newest, subtle design trends. Our projects are given a contemporary look that appeals to today's house hunters. We consciously strive to make every building project as helpful as possible. Let’s tour how we work for our customers. One important thing for us is customer beliefs and sustainable work. We design our structure and discuss it with our customers. Our functional structure gives you 100% satisfaction.


Properties Development

We craft your Property with quality and functional spaces. We ensure tasteful properties in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Our executive dedication is to make our customers happy.


Engineering Consultancy

A structured and efficient procurement procedure is necessary to oversee and finish an engineering procurement project effectively. We've been in the growing industry for a while and have established a solid reputation for professionalism and high-caliber work.

Other services

Other Services

We offer a number of services, such as building design, construction, management, and planning. We are an excellent option for anyone because we are dependable and simple. We can assist you with everything from initial due diligence to managing your project on schedule and within budget.

Why Choose Interex Developer Ltd?

Whether prioritizing short-term or long-term plans, daily activities and quality come first. We work hard to preserve quality in all aspects of our building projects, from the materials to the workmanship. This outstanding work earned our clients' trust, which motivates us to work hard.

  • Our quality is of the highest standard and different from others. You can compare with our competitors.
  • We design and develop your dream to meet the National Building Code's compliance requirements. We never stray from industry norms and best practices to give our valued clients safe addresses. As a result, our structures can withstand the natural forces—such as earthquakes—that the code specifies.
Why Choose Intrex Developer
Why Choose Us

  • As a dedicated real estate firm, we never compromise on building material quality. We guarantee that we won't compromise on the quality of our materials due to price increases or other market conditions.
  • We deliver our work on time. We make you happy with our work. Your happiness is our main priority.
  • We have an expert team and a long year of experience to help you develop your dream.
  • Our innovative design makes your dream home creative and functional.
  • The main thing about us is that we are a reliable and trusted company. Just tell us what you want and take a breath. We are here to fulfill your desire.

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House 16, Road 1, Block E, Sector 1, Aftabnagar, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.

Email: [email protected]

Cell: +88 01713 99 33 68

Email: [email protected]

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